Using Windows Live Messenger you can chat online via text, voice or even video conversation – in real time – with your friends, family or colleagues.

It’s faster than e-mail, a great choice for conversations and the perfons and the perfect alternative w there in person.

Features of
MSN Messenger 8:

· Video Call
· Windows Live Call with Verizon Web Calling service
· Integration with Windows Live Messenger phones
· Integration with Microsoft LifeCams
· Shared Folders
· Offline Instant Messaging
· Windows Live Contacts
· Integration with other Windows Live Services

What’s New
· Redesigned, smarter contact cards give you more data about and easier access to your friends
· Your display name, status and personalization roam with you to any computer
· Try PC-to-phone calling with two free calls to virtually any phone in the world*
· Better server performance
· Improvements to automatic updates
· Improved sign-in performance.