Microsoft sends out IE8 Feature Survey E-mail
IE8 Feature Survey is Now Available to all Tech Beta participants

Microsoft has sent out an e-mail entitled “IE8 Feature Survey is Now Available!” to all Tech Beta participants. The company has emphasized that the e-mail has been sent out to many but that a smaller group will be doing the hands-on testing of the new release. The e-mail states that Microsoft is in the “planning phase” which could mean anything from being at the drawing board or at the point where the software giant is simply interested in adding on features. Microsoft asks for “which customizations and performance scenarios need to be improved upon in IE8.” The 59-question survey hosted at Microsoft’s Connect website is curious in everyone’s favorites and RSS usage, going as far as requesting for exported versions. A screenshot of the user’s customized primary browser, not necessarily Internet Explorer, is also welcome.

59-question survey hosted at Microsoft’s Connect