This is the updated version of the previously released Windows Live one care Beta 2,so If U haven’t downloaded the previous version than be sure to download this to keep Ur windows safe from viruses.

This new version also establishes a foundation to better address the needs of small businesses.  Many small businesses need to protect and maintain a number of PCs but may not have the resources for extensive onsite IT support.  To help solve this problem, we added centralized backup to OneCare so local back up on a small business network is a simple step instead of a time consuming hassle. 


Here’s a quick overview of the new features we’ve added to OneCare version 2.0 to help keep users’ PCs and networks safe, reliable and performing well:

  • Multi-PC and home network management.
  • Printer sharing support.
  • Start-time optimizer. 
  • Proactive fixes and recommendations. 
  • Monthly reports. 
  • Centralized backup.
  • Online photo backup.

Download Here