Performance, compatibility, and reliability have been among the biggest complaints of Windows Vista users, and the service pack will focus on those three major trouble areas. After dancing around the subject for months, Microsoft finally opened up Wednesday and said it will release the first Service Pack for Windows Vista in the first quarter of 2008 with a wider beta version coming in “a few weeks.” 

“We’re feeling good about Windows Vista,” said David Zipkin, a Microsoft senior product manager for Windows Client, in an interview. He pointed out that among other metrics, Windows Vista had 12 security issues in its first six months compared with Windows XP’s 36 during its first six months. “At the same time, we are getting notes back that some people are having not so great experiences.” 

Microsoft began testing early pre-beta versions of Vista SP1 and XP SP3 earlier this month with approximately 100 testers, but copies of both quickly began appearing online to the chagrin of Zipkin. Some fixes in the leaks will not appear in the final versions of the updates. “I think it’s unfortunate that they were leaked,” he said. “At this point in the game, that kind of information can give misdirection and misinformation to our customers.”

Source: InformationWeek