mslivelogo-thumb-thumb Today Microsoft released the next generation of Windows Live! You can get all the new products now at the new You can install everything in one download, or pick just the products you want.

Everything coming out today is designed to work with the Windows Live services you’re already using, like Windows Live Spaces, Hotmail, Messenger, and Windows Live for mobile, but of course, they add a whole slew of new features into the mix.

Today’s release includes:

  • Windows Live Mail — This desktop mail program lets you see all your e-mail accounts in one place (including Hotmail, Gmail, AOL, or any other IMAP or POP web e-mail account), and adds all kinds of features you don’t normally get with web mail.
  • Windows Live Messenger (update) — The popular IM program has a new upgrade, including improved contact cards, file sharing, video calling, and VOIP capabilities.
  • Windows Live Writer — A WYSIWYG editing program for bloggers that makes it easy to add photos, maps, tags and more to your blog, and publish directly to Windows Live Spaces, Blogger, TypePad, and many other blogging services.
  • Windows Live Photo Gallery — Helps you find, organize, fix, and share your photos and videos, stitch together panoramic photos, and upload them all directly to Windows Live Spaces or Flickr.
  • Windows Live Toolbar (update) — Easy access to Live Search and Windows Live, custom buttons, and security features that help you block suspicious websites and pop-ups.
  • Family Safety from Windows Live OneCare — Tools to help you protect your children from inappropriate websites and contacts. You decide how much control you want for each child.

U can download all the products here-

More info can be found at the official blog here