windows7 According to Activewin Windows 7 may not have all the features in it as it was previously reported.The site reads that that Microsoft would cut some of the features including DirectX 11 which was to be released along with windows7.Here is what activewin reads- 

There you have it.  Windows 7 may not save us after all.  It’s not that Vista is bad but it could be so much better.  Microsoft was hoping that was Vista SP1 would do only it didn’t.  The industry was hoping that Windows 7 would be the “anti-Vista” as it has been called by some but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen either.

Allegedly the first feature to get cut from Windows 7 is DirectX 11.  While DirectX 11 may be optional at some point, it won’t be shipping with the operating system.  It turns out that manufactures which sell desktops and laptops with the awful awful horrible useless integrated graphics want no part of that particular requirement.

The Inquirer reports that half of PCs are sold with integrated graphics and one company sells nothing but which whined to Microsoft about it.  If DirectX 11 was a requirement for Windows 7, one quarter of PCs made wouldn’t be able to run it.