xbox360-thumb The post published by us about the Blue Ray on XBOX 360 was nothing but just the rumors.  Chris Lanier in his blog post have pointed out some of the serious issues which strongly disagrees with the addition of Blue Ray to Xbox.Here is what it reads-

Jason Unger of CE Pro does have the basic rundown of the issue, but don’t believe that Blu-ray is on the way to the Xbox 360.

Among the reasons behind these are the issues which are strongly against addition of Blue Ray to Xbox 360.


  • Blu-ray support means adding a Java-based BD-J interactivity layer to the Xbox 360. Highly doubtful to ever happen
  • The video/audio codecs are not really in question here, both HD DVD and Blu-ray use the same basic codecs.
  • Blu-ray has extra DRM in BD+. The Xbox 360 can already do AACS, but they are not going to add BD+ support. Microsoft has been opposed to it from the start.