Microsoft has said precious little about Windows 7, but it has provided at least one outsider with an early test version of the forthcoming operating system. The software maker confirmed in a court filing last week that it has provided a test version of Windows 7 to the technical committee helping to oversee Microsoft’s compliance with the US antitrust settlement. Windows 7 crops up about a third of the way through the 21-page joint status report, initially with Microsoft noting that the technical committee would like to see an unspecified issue addressed in Windows 7.
"In addition, the [technical committee] has begun to review Windows 7 itself," Microsoft and regulators said in the filing. "Microsoft recently supplied the TC with a build of Windows 7, and is discussing TC testing going forward. The TC will conduct middleware-related tests on future builds of Windows 7."
Microsoft has not said when Windows 7 will arrive, nor said much about what features it will contain, though Bill Gates said in a recent interview with sister site CNET that Windows 7 is "a big step forward" in speech recognition and other natural interfaces. 

News source: ZDNet Australia