Halo players from Hong Kong, Korea, Singapore, Australia, and New Zealand can show off their skills as Microsoft today announced the ‘Official Halo 3 Tournament.’

The Tournament is open for registration from March 10. All you need to do to sign up is head to your Xbox LIVE Dashboard, click on The Official Halo 3 Tournament adverts, and download the exclusive GamerPic. You can read terms and conditions here.

Once you’re registered open play runs from April 1 until April 14. You’ll need to perform on the three game modes that make up The Official Halo 3 Tournament Sponsored By Samsung TV Playlist – Slayer, King of the Hill and Oddball.

At the end of open play the top ranked player from Australia will be crowned Halo 3 National Champion and rewarded with a piece of exclusive framed Halo artwork and 5000 MS points. They will also qualify for the Asia Pacific Final, where all national champions from the Asia Pacific will clash in a one-off Xbox LIVE match to decide who is truly Legendary.

And the spoils for the Asia Pacific Halo 3 Champion? The ultimate winner will also receive a 40” Samsung TV from their brand new Series 6 range, which has been designed to combine beautiful design with astonishing picture quality, as well as an Xbox 360 Elite console and LIVE accessories pack.

So what are you waiting for? Get on Xbox LIVE, get registered, and prepare to discover whether you have what it takes to be Legendary in The Official Halo 3 Tournament

Great contest so every get started and enjoy the contest