The Silverlight 2 Retail Financial Services Demonstrator provides essential resources to help customers and ISV’s to create their own demo or proof of concept based on the Silverlight 2 platform. Included in the kit are:

  • Functional Silverlight 2 Website (Woodgrove Financial)
  • Installation, customization and demo script that provides step by step instructions for installing the demo, customizing the data shown in the demo as well has how to step through the site with talking points.
  • Source Code – that is right, you also get to see and use the source code to see what is going on under the covers and use as a foundation for your own POC!


Why use Silverlight 2 and the Demonstrator?

  • Immersive, cross-platform/cross-browser user experience
  • Insightful visualizations, improved end user experience that can be personalized and branded
  • Great performance, reuse of .NET code on the web (cross platform!!)
  • Great examples of using visualizations to help sell and service financial products including cause and effect, multiple scenarios, unified communications, etc…

Jaime Rodriguez wrote a great blog about it here..he describes other places where you can see the demo via video, download the bits and/or the script.

If you’re interested in downloading the entire application, along with installation and walk through script, then go to  There, you’ll find everything you need! 

We’re very much looking forward to any feedback you may have on this, and we’re anxiously awaiting that first email from a customer saying they’ve used it to build a proof of concept!!

Source- Joe Cleaver’s Blog