The Solution Accelerator for Business Desktop Deployment (BDD) is best-practice guidance for desktop deployment. BDD is targeted at companies that want to reduce deployment time, effort, and cost by increasing the level of automation. It allows administrators to deploy desktops with Zero Touch and Lite Touch interaction at the target PCs. This solution also helps organizations move to a managed environment with standardized desktop images.
BDD 2007 is offered in two versions to support Solution Accelerator component installation on x64 or x86 hosts. Select the version that corresponds with your host hardware type. Both versions of BDD 2007 support deployment of x86 and x64 client operating systems.
This release includes updates to support Windows Vista SP1 in addition to previously supported platforms.
To view this solution online at TechNet, click here.
Also available for download are two white papers, "Quick Start for BDD 2007" and "Windows Vista Deployment Tools Overview." The quick-start guide helps you quickly learn to use BDD to perform a basic Windows Vista installation. The tools overview describes the deployment tools for Windows Vista.

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