EarthBlueMarbleWestTerraThe website talks about the  role of technology in our environment.  Something, I have always thought is how can software help improve the planet, well folks I got my answers here:

Innovating to Improve Our Planet

I went over to the site found a wealth of great information on the types of impact that software can have.  Personally I really liked the short video highlighting the Energy Efficiency Best Practices in Microsoft Data Center Operations.    So if you had a data center in Ireland, how would you cool the facility?  Check the video out to learn more!  I also liked the article titled Microsoft “Tiny Web Services” Connect Household Appliances to Save Energy.  How much code could you get if you only had 48 kilobytes for storing code?  Interesting stuff from the folks in research!

Take a look at the site, and let me know what you think!

Source- Technet Blog