Today microsoft released the newest version of Custom Domains for you to try out. Visit the site at We have added some new features and incorporated comments from you in this release. We hope you’ll agree that this is the best release to date.

Here are the major highlights of this release:

* We now support all TLD’s and ccTLD’s.
* You can register subdomains (a domain that is part of a larger domain) with our service. As an example, you could host mail in your primary domain as well as your subdomain, or both.
* We’ve improved the Open Membership experience. You can interactively create html code and preview it before you add this to your web site.
* We now offer integration of domains for sale, which includes automatically configuring the service. This feature will initially be available in the US English market with other countries and languages added as partners are onboarded.
* We’ve improved our error messages and added better Help content. We’ll be adding online communities to our Help very soon.
* Many other improvements based on your feedback, including immediate recycle of acounts and on-the-spot e-mail upgrades to Windows Live Mail Beta after logging into your Hotmail account (available in select markets).